Brain abscess


Brain abscesses are dangerous because they can make you have dangerous side effects like fits , headache and worse medical problems. Brain headaches that cant be controlled by paracetamol are bad and you must see someone. You can also get symptoms like feeling sick or being sick. But also change of vision in eyes if there blurry or double vision or feeling paralysed.

This shows you parts of different areas of the brain you can see different colours they all have labels for the parts so they can identify the abscesses.

There are 3 main ways a brain abscess can develop. These are:

  • an infection in another part of the skull – such as an ear infection or dental abscess, which can spread directly into the brain
  • an infection in another part of the body – for example, the infection that causes phenomena spreading into the brain via the blood
  • trauma, such as a serve head ache– that cracks open the skull, allowing bacteria or fungi to enter the brain

You can have two types of scans both are MRI and CT scan they are both with pictures but CT is more detailed and you can clearly see what’s happing.