Bone cyst


Bone cyst is when you get a lump on the bone full of fluid that can be drained with a needle and injecting medicine into the bone so it will help it heal. People recommend that you have x – rays every few weeks to check on the cyst if its gone down or spread. If the bone has cysts it can cause problems when moving your arm.

The main treatments are:

  • draining the fluid with a needle and injecting medicine into the bone to help it heal

    – this may need to be done several times over a few months

  • cutting or scraping out the cyst – the hole may be filled with small pieces of bone taken from another part of your body or from a donor, or with a bone cement mixture Treatment is done under general anaesthetic. You will not usually need to stay in hospital overnight.

Recovering from this takes long and it takes a few months to heal propley people should avoid playing sports and active things like gym you must relax your arm with a sling. There’s two types of cysts there is two types of cysts that you can get these are them.

  • unicameral bone cysts – fluid-filled holes that may form if fluid does not drain properly from a bone as it’s growing
  • aneurysmal bone cysts – blood-filled holes that may be caused by a problem with the blood vessels in a bone (possibly due to an injury or a non-cancerous growth)