Farming is in everyday life the farmers use vehicles that are either tractors or wheat grinders that harvest the wheat. Wheat and crops in the fields makes food sources for us because different foods are different. Wheat for instance makes cereal they create these by rolling the wheat into big hay stack balls and then collecting them then they go though a machine.

This is wheat you can get it in a bundle or in a bag of grain or oat meal from the product. Other products like corn grows out the ground and after they have grown people with baskets harvest the ears off the vine and make sure there washed and bagged up for packaging. Corn can feed chickens that produce eggs for us humans and products very good ingredient for medicine as well.

Farming is an every day to day job because crops will need to be tended and watered with either a sprinkler out the ground or a tractor comes down or some vehicle with water in to help crops grow not die. From corn you can also get corn kernels this means that you will beable to make pop corn out of them.