Fainting is when you faint on the floor and cant get up on your own and you need help or assistance because you might faint again this is due to low blood pressure in the body. The symptoms for fainting is dizziness and feeling sick mostly. And heart problems and changes to vision also.

This is a person that has fainted on the side of the road he needs medical attention because he needs oxygen to stabilise him and give him water to drink to make the patient feel better. To prevent yourself from fainting if your going to faint you need to lie down , drink something and eat something and rest and take deep breaths. If people see someone faint then you must make sure that they lay them flat on the floor so they will feel better again.

This is a women that has fainted at work people are lying the women down on the floor then they will call someone for help. This women fainted at work because she is probley exusied. If you are with someone who has fainted, try to keep calm. If you can, lay them on their back and raise their legs. Usually, the person who has fainted will wake up within 20 seconds. These are the main three that you should do if you have fainted.