Who survived Covid?


Covid is the worst killer there is it has killed a lot of people world wide people are getting the jabs but in my opion there catching the disease faster and having a bad effect from them. People that have survived from this has a less chance into surviving because they have the covid inside there system and its destroyed the lungs though pneumonia what you can get with this disease.

If kids and baby’s get this it is unlikely that they will survive because they have smaller lungs than adults and they don’t like anything on there faces because there scared sometimes. If kids survive this they will have propley breathing problems because they might have of had it bad but you can still give your child paracetamol. Some children have died from this disease and the parents have been devastated.

This doctor is checking if this kid has covid with a test given or examine nation because if they test positive they must self isolate. Everyone’s lungs are the same covid goes into your lungs the infection goes into your alveoli which make you breath they fill up with sticky stuff and makes it hard for you to breath.