Travelling and clubbing with jabs now


Today people have to now have jabs to go into most luxuries like take flight or night clubs and you have to show proof that you have had both jabs otherwise you cant board or go out with friends. The pass will allow security and people access areas other than your country that you live in. People like to explore but I’m someone that likes to stay at home rather than getting stuck in another country or getting lost or covid.

This traveller has had the vaccines and gone on holiday for some time off she’s sitting at the end of the cliff. She’s looking down at the ocean and the scenery people get inspiration from different scenery’s because they paint pictures or sketches. Covid has offered a 3rd jab called a booster. Some people are getting them and some people are scared because there worried that the jab will cause an effect. Covid pass sports looks like this they are normally on the phone too look at.

This is for flight access and the other pass will be for night clubs and other places jabs are for people but I don’t trust them that’s my opion.