Neck injury


Common problems nowhere days is neck problems you can get these by breaking it or just spraining it. Neck problems accrue a lot because people are doing work or accidently damaging it to sort this sort of problem out you see a doctor or someone to massage you. You can get pain cremes and tablets for the pain and help from people like family members.

If you have a break or you cant move you have an x-ray to show were the break is if its in your neck then you will have to wear a neck brace if it your back you can be paralyzed. Neck breaks need to heal over a month because you have damaged it and its important to rest. Relaxing helps heal the break over time because the doctor will say the same.

Neck braces look like this from the NHS this is one of them you can tell its hospital equipment from them for the patient. He got this from the clinical department prescribed by nurse or doctor depends on who’s seen the patient. The neck is attached to muscles and your spinal cord if you break it you wont be able to move. Because the nerve inside the spinal cord breaks and that paralysis you. If the disk breaks in the neck the you can die instantly.