There are different types of holidays in the year Christmas, Easter , and many other for different people it depends were you came from especially thanks giving which is in America. Family for holidays as well go either on a plane or stay with family and friends and enjoy themselves.

This is a women that’s gone on vacation somewhere she’s relaxing by the pool normally people will book holidays for 2-3 weeks if needed or 1 week for people with children or just little get out. Easter is celebrating opening Easter eggs with family and friends and enjoying eating them. Kids in Easter time make cards with chickens and rabbits on with Easter baskets. And they also paint eggs when they are in school.

Christmas is a festive holiday with presents and gifts and colourful light shows. People celebrate this by putting a charismas tree up with lights and orderments and have party’s or staying’s with family and have Christmas dinner. Kids get extremely excited for this time because its the end of the year and they are off school because they break up.

As well as all of the usual Christmas Decorations such as Baubles, Christmas Trees and Wreaths, we have a huge range of other items such as Christmas Tree Skirts, Christmas Bedding, Nutcrackers and Personalised Santa Sacks. Christmas is when you order gifts online or by gift cards and put them in cards or give as presents under the tree as we all know it or sack for adults.