Head injury


People everyday bang there heads and hurt themselves by accident or they didn’t know they did. If you banged your head bad then you could have concussion or bleeding in the part of your brain. It aint right if you cant focus or your eyes is going at the back of your skull. You will need an ambulance and scan because you need to be careful of your head because its the softest part of the head.

When you have something wrong you need to check with people and immediately and put ice on the spot and don’t fall asleep with head injury other wise you can wake up with blurd vision or nausea and head ache. Elderly people that don’t have a lot of movement when they have brain injury they phone ambulance and they get took. The scans for people are took with a big mri scanner this machine takes images of the brain like an x-ray.

These scans can detect if there’s any bleeding or any injury’s to the head this a good device because surgeon’s can idefy a problem. If there is any injury’s there can effect the eyes and movement of the body. The movement of the body will become weak and have long term effects.