Boat – Travel


There are many travelling vehicles but  this is about boat travel only and how to travel with tickets and cars. To book ticket’s to go on boats you can look at travel guides or book in an office on computer or over phone. You can pay buy ticket’s by paying by card and cash what ever is easier. Traveling by boat you can get to far destinations like over waters to places you cant travel by plane or car.

This is a speed boat but there’s different boats different than this there are cruse ship boat and life boats as well. Life boats go out and save people that needs recusing they will get a call at the emergency station and they will try to find were you are that you need help in the sea. The boat is orange inside of it there’s normally 6 rescuers and they help the people get in.

You can travel to different countries freely or visit them if you got your own boat and know the way of the sea. Boats float on water and use engines to power it they use less pollution now than cars and other vehicle’s.