School for kids


When you were a kid you needed to go to school to learn new things like reading and writing. You read from key stage book and writing by joining up dots in nursery and reception. When your in these sectors they were basic and easy to understand with simple pictures.

The teacher is currently teaching the classes all over the school there’s many looking after kids though the day there’s many different lessons though the day then it will say home time normally at the end of the day. There’s a time line that normally teals you what is going to happen during the teaching day.

Science is a subject for all but kids was able to do experiments when they get to older year groups and are much older by age. Two kids are testing different chemicals in a science lab only because if just on desk it possibly can burn through. Plus science labs have plug sockets for like Bunsen burners and technology. Other lessons like art and DT means you can get creative and make designs and put colour on to your work. Maths and English is reading from books or of the white board written down.