Pet supplies


There are many different types of pets for them you need to buy a range of supplies like cages and toys and many other things. This is going to be explaining what different pets have in stores for each pet meaning supplies like treats and food supply this is important because pets are animals.

These are some people buying supplies from a pet store this is showing cat scratching post this is for a cat mostly it to help with the cats claws because it helps them shorten them. Also there’s cat cages in the background these help with carrying the cat or kitten around so you wont have to carry it with your hands.

These are dog cages they also have leads as well as cats and toys like snakes on string and other toys like a ball for the dog. Smaller pets like hamster or bird comes in a cage and stays in there until you clean it out. These have supplies that go in there cage and make pets eat , drink and play with toys that are in there cages birds fly in there to get food and hamsters and mice walk or run to get food or supplies in cage or bowl.