Organic drinks


There are different organic drinks for the human body they are packed with vitamins and minerals you can buy these from any shops or make them yourself with a blender and add fruit or vegetables. Organic drinks are like carrot or cucumber juice which is vegetable drink this is different from a normal drink.

You can get fruits and vegetables that are organic from shops they are grown and mostly adults like vegetable varieties and children like fruit juices and pop. Organic drinks are also are your five a day vegetables. They help balance your diet because without them your body can go into a weak state. Then you can die from lack of vitamins or admitted to hospital. Juice have come in bottles or cartons because the can be recycled in the recycling.

This above is just only made out of fruit because it shows fruits like apples , kiwis and other fruits this has been placed in a glass bottle this can also be recycled and either washed again. They are also broken up the glass these can be coloured depending on the flavour.

These drinks can also make you lose weight when you have drank them but slowly so you feel good.