Sales business


Sales are made to sell stuff on websites or over the phone you can buy products and what people have put on there own made site. These are called web developers so they create the sites and put a link on them then put images of the products that are going to in stock once put on they label the products in the product categories. The categories you can click on to see what’s on there then it will ask you to fill in bank card details by pay pal or other way.

When you make people buy products in that month you want to make profit on what you are selling across phone or computer buying because you want you sales to raise not fall if it does its not a well built company or site. Some sales site email receipts what you have bought to your mobile devices or computer what ever you are using. This is important because then the site isn’t fake if fake people can steal your bank card details and use them as there own.

People can cancel the cards and get new card details and tell the police that someone’s stole the card details. The one who creates something exposes goods for people to look at and people needs to keep there personal details away from people that steal.