Poetry is a piece of writing that is linked based on emotion and feelings and being artistic like carefully choosing and rearranging words on the page so the writing flows though out so it gets interesting for the reader. Poems are based as well on characteristics like put characters into the poems to form a piece of literature.

This is a form of poetry this is a creative piece using a picture made to look like a sun the person who wrote this wrote about the sun in away that when the sun is shining which it makes sun beams they have wrote the poetry were the sun beams are normally put instead of lines.

This is another piece of poetry were it looks like a hat but has repetition in it like what so ever things are and then it says different at the end of the sentence. There’s a well known poet called William Shakespeare he has done a lot of poems back in his day they were written on scrolls or old paper or books. The poems were printed very differently in them days because it would have been ink on paper with a quill his poems were called sonnets they are poems as well but listed with numbers.