There are different types of marketing based outside of the offices and places called stalls people with a licence put up business stalls to earn money for themselves and for the company business by selling from stalls they make products from glass , wood or clothing and also selling fruits and vegetables. Markets can be also full of fabrics so they can buy the fabric and the person selling would ask how much of the fabric would you wont took off it.

When people have been to the stalls they have a calculator to calculate the total cost and then the stall person will say to the customer the price then they will give them the money and make profit like business people putting websites that contain products on that has been sold. These only make little bit of profit not like sales on websites that people made there are many people that sells stuff at the stalls in the Birmingham bullring markets there’s inside and out.

They also sell small products that are electronic like radios and small fridges or thing that you plug in to the walls for cooking use and like kids computers or electronics they will ask more but they will earn profit. Doesn’t matter if you got a stall its what you urn.