People make stuff out of man made stuff and makes use for goods and to carry stuff but also make serment for walls to earn money. People do this using machines or make them with there hands man made is made with hands machinery not because it does it for you and its digital. People make money by making carpets as well with a weaving machine to use this they have to move the wooden block up and down but its along process.

Other people have been given job at different activates to earn money and earn profit they take a lot of time for people to focus on what they make cause if they brand it wrong job manager wont be happy and sack you then you lose profit and business will go down. People in Africa weave baskets for people to buy because they might need the money but its important to have money because nothing is for free.

The basket has been man made from a business propley made by a women because there more technical and small handed to weave baskets they have more patients back in the days they chose women for knitting and men to fight in Greek times.