Kids poetry


There’s simpler poems for kids so they can understand them they are usely shaped or small poems but strong poetry. They will have pictures going down the page and around the poems to show what it about so people understand. Kids like characters that they know that they write poems based on them which makes them happy.

This is a little poem for kids and it has a picture of a rabbit this is representing Easter and eggs. This poem when kids read this brings joy to them and excitement because its an advent that kids enjoy like a Easter egg hunt. There are others like more structured ones for kids for a little bit older ones as well and all ages.

This poem is more structured and abit more adult based because there’s one picture at the bottom and the background is just yellow and title blue I personally think that it looks boring to me needs to be more to the poem so it stands out. Poems for kids are inspirational and adventurous for kids to read because they will wont to see what the poems about.