How has music evolved through time?


There are different types of music through the years classical , rock , jazz and many others like normal music. Music has been made using composers like Mozart he also used violin normally in pieces. Composers write music notes on paper when trying them out when they sound good. This is how good music is on phones or stereos but now they are mostly recorded in studios and then either on radio stations or records.

They have got many different types of instrument’s like woodwind, bass, pianos and others there normally made with metal, wood, plastic or skins from animals. Guitars for instance are made with wood and strings to play it people play this alone or in a band on stage or to relax.

There’s instrument’s that you have to use both hands they are symbols , maracas , xylophone and many more. Drums for instance you hold two sticks and hit the drum kit to play music more you play these in your houses or rock bands.