What is the new high Tec hearing aid?


The high Tec hearing aid is a device that clips into the side of the inner ear it is a blue chip that you put there and you hardly have to do anything because it detects the sounds or any movement this chip is sensitive. And it is invisible when worn by a pensioner or person that’s trying or using this.

This is what the chip looks like on the side in your ear this device is also Bluetooth so you propley can hear your phone calls or music off your phone. This can also connect to the internet and to televisions. This device for pensioner’s just coats a few hundred pounds to get but you can also get a free trail by signing up and answering questions. It is said that 1 in 6 people have hearing loss suffer depression and anxiety because its scary that you cant hear.

This is also other hearing aids these are really invisible that you cant see it like the other but this is normal ones just hear for people. Makes people hear things they cannot there’s two colours here but many other colours to choose from children’s makes and adults sizes. This is also Wi-Fi wireless and can connect to the phones.