Protests in London


There are lots of protests in London they have protested mostly about Boris Johnson has lied to the people and people were burning a stick man of him out side Trafalgar square. The police arrested the people in Trafalgar square that was causing trouble and burning the dummy that was made there is a video on the London news site showing this.

This is a picture before the burning of the dummy and before the police arrested people. People are wearing these guy folks mask to represent guy forks and bonfire night November 5th. People were ignoring the police to stop the protests as they held fire works and shot them at the police.

You can see this person with some sort of fire work and this was called the million mask march. Rallies against Government corruption, lockdown restrictions, and inequality and homelessness. More than 100 people was arrested during an anti-lockdown march across London.

The fire works that were aimed at police this is what the protest in London looks like that night. In this protest on this picture is showing scared people in London wondering what is going on there would be kids on the streets and adults in fear or attacking the police this is terrible for peoples suffering.