New covid drug break though

The drug for covid called ‘molnupiravir’ is a break though drug that people have made to give to people with mild covid – 19 symptoms. This drug has already stopped hospital admissions 50% less than what it was. So they are starting to help more people with the disease.

There’s another drug that is successful and its the nose spray and Pfizer pill or tablet. These work in different ways that these work and you can take these orally in the mouth or you can take the spray up the nose. The spray goes up both nose holes and protects you apparently from covid and more effective.

The Pfizer tablets or pills you can get you can take by mouth they are success apparently they are blue and white tablets or pills you can get them from pharmacy’s and doctors that give them to you it says they slash 89% of the chances of getting covid – 19 and staying out of hospital.