How to look after disabled people?


There are a lot of people that is disabled but treated bad in some ways like when coming of the trains people sometimes walks infrount of the ramp. And also people feel like they have a disadvantage to society. People look after people that are disabled but can also be paralysed waist down. They can also get electric scooters which help the people that cant walk travel safely.

This is what the NHS and nurses and people looking after the person uses this helps them get around because if they cant move they are wheeled around places instead but if people have a little bit of mobility they normally walk from seat to chair in side there house. People that hurt people in wheelchairs are reported and took by the authority because that abuse towards someone that don’t have an advantage towards you.

This is a handicap parking facility really it should be called disabled parking because you don’t put them off with saying that nasty word. You can only use this if you have the disabled blue badge legally to park there otherwise you can get arrested.

When the police officer is got to the owners of the vehicle then he will issue out fines if they don’t pay for parking in the spot or they don’t pay for the next amount then you can go to court.