What to do if you have ankle problems?


If you have ankle problems like it is just swollen or bruised you have still got to watch if the bruise gets bigger because it might cause complications to the area and stop you to walk it is painful to hurt your ankle.

You can also break your ankle but a small amount inside without knowing but it may hurt to check this you can get a scan from NHS staff at hospitals to help see where the break is if your foot is broken you will have a cast put on it to help the bones heal.

You can get advice from local doctors and people from the NHS to help you just phone 111 lines and they will speak to you about your problem and how to solve it. Another way that an ankle can be damaged is you can’t put weight on your leg and you find it hard to walk around if you are not putting weight on your foot it won’t get better.

Self-help for an ankle problem you can exercise and be physically active and maintain healthy body weight. And keep other joints and muscles flexible. This is a process also to heal your ankle or really any part that is hurt like your arm.