What is carbon foot print?


The carbon footprint is related to carbon dioxide is the term for carbon footprint this is known for the symbol CO2 the environment when you use electrical appliances and other uses like burning oils or coal then it releases gases. Also, foods and goods are also emitted in some quantities of CO2 as well.

Even driving a vehicle can let out CO2 but it got fuels in this lets out gases there are different fuels that go in vehicles there are petrol, gasoline, diesel, and just oil. There are emitted either in gallons or liters depending on what fuel you are using. There are different materials for instance plastic shopping bags are made from LDPE or PET polyethylene which is about 6kg of CO2 per plastic bag.

CO2 emissions can cause global warming to the environment this can harm life and plants and oxygen because people are creating gases and throwing rubbish on the ground and it overflows. There is a carbon footprint CO2 calculator to see how much CO2 you are using. I’ve seen protests about this to stop traffic recently to stop pollution out of cars and vehicles forming.