Pollination is important because if you don’t have bees they won’t keep flowers pollinated and trees will also die and food sources will go bad. Because bees have a part in the environment to play and that is to keep life which is nature alive. Bees go to flowers and pick up the flower dust that comes from flowers then go back to the hive to get the dust off for making honey. Honey is a source of good food source and antiseptic because you can put it on wounds.

Bees are the main workers to keep nature going but sadly bees are dying out and people don’t know why. If we didn’t have pollination we won’t have plants producing seeds or fruits if they didn’t pollinate we would have robotic pollinators and greenhouses even though we have them now.

There are even domes to keep vegetables in and make them grow in a climate that will grow the plants without pollination. Without pollination, vegetables will be lost and many other products like everyday soaps or wash stuff.