How to tackle burns?


There are different types of burns that you can get on your skin sunburn is popular also burns from hot water and services and acid. People these days are accidentally burning themselves on electrical appliances and other stuff you can treat burns with running cold water over the burn for 10-25minutes. This will reduce the burn if it’s a bad burn you must phone the emergency phone line to get help like if it’s on a baby. Minor burns you can put Sudocrem on to calm it down but it stings.

The full-body burns need to be drenched in cold water then put cream on then they cling film the burns these can be an acid attack or hot water spilled on a burn from kettle or steamer. You can get two types of burns second-degree and third-degree burns.

Second-degree burns are when you have a burn but it is just red and no blisters but it hurts and it’s painful and it takes longer to heal and there serious and more life-threatening.

A third-degree burn is more serious because it affects both layers and you can easily get an infection because the skin and nerves are damaged. This is a third-degree burn that’s quite bad because the biker slid on his arm and did something bad to it.

This is bad because you can see nerves and stuff in this burn its quite bad but at least he’s getting medical treatment but he will have to get medical treatment from the hospital because he will need skin graft probley. Because abit of his arms are missing and it’s bubbly, not nice.