How to cure an eye infection?


You can get eye infections from so many things if you are out or inside your household from dusty things or the infection can be passed on to people like streptococcus and others like red-eye. Seek medical advice if you see any of these forming because they can make you go blind or worse.

This is red-eye this can be formed if you got an infection in it or got a foreign body in your eye that’s moving they will irritate or itch. You can get surgery for the object in your eye and you can get eye drops from either NHS or doctors depending on where you go. Conjunctivitis is nearly the same as this but more treatable because you can self-treat yourself with warm salt water to cure the infection.

You can get other problems with this infection like seeing lines or lights it says to dial 111 if you see these because it can be a serious eye problem. It says not to rub your eyes on towels or pillows and do not rub your eyes because that could make it worse.