Care homes


We have a lot of care homes around the country that support the elderly because they are either disabled or can’t care for themselves anymore. Care homes have staff that protects and looks after everyone within the perimeter they give them food and a room with nurses to check up on them from time to time.

Residents are around a table talking and having a good time with probably a member of staff or a visitor. Care homes get cleaned for health and safety reasons and it needs to be without any trip hazards. A care home my nan is in they give her a button to press if she needs help so someone will come if she fell over. Some care homes I’ve seen don’t really care for people well because I think they just want the job not because they care.

The staff that is alarmed after the button has been pressed if a patient injury is serious staff will dial the NHS number to have an ambulance to come and take the patient to the hospital to treat them. There are many people in care homes but I’ve noticed not many staff now because of covid-19.