Bullying can be seen nearly every day in our lifestyle in and around the country from children and to adults. People are small-minded and tell people what to do fair enough if you are an adult but a child all the time. Bullying is when if you go somewhere and they bully you for what you’re wearing or how your personality is. Some bullies take it too far with some people then they get beaten up for bullying the person or victim.

These kids are picking on this girl at school people do these things to try and make the girl not come to learn in school because she will get bullied again but sometimes don’t tell the parents until they get hurt. Kids sometimes have committed suicide to this incidence is common. There is also cyberbullying on websites this is like on Facebook and other social media.

This girl is being cyberbullied and she is scared because it looks like people are threatening her or something. Cyberbullying has been a problem today because it is mainly everywhere only certain people getting targeted.