What happens if we eat too much at once?


If we put to much food in are body’s at one time this can be problem because you can easily get consipatieted and your body health wont be any good because you will get weight loss because you will be to full to eat anything. You are also putting to much calories inside your body. This will make you at risk for heart attack or being fat or diabetic.

This is showing a diagram of the main symptoms of diabetes this can start by over eating or it occurs normally in life anyone can get it. If you eat to much as well you will start to experience stomach pains and boulting. Somebody actually while in an eating contest ripped there oesophagus, and ripped the gut apart and ruptured bleeding internally. It is rare but it happens.

You can also get serious health conditions if you don’t control your eating habits because if you consume to much you will have to burn more calories off the body like you will have to do exercise by weight lifting or run around local parks it will take effort but if you exercise to much you can get out of breath easy. You will know if your stomach bursts by feeling severe abdominal pain and tenderness.