HIV/AIDS – Health


This health condition is serious over 50s that had AIDS was experiencing a rise between 1991 to 1996. People with AIDS was experiencing a weakened immune system people with HIV experience fatigue , weakened immune system and more like skin rases , weight loss and dementia. People can transmit these diseases though sex without protection you first need to get tested before having sex go to doctor or GP.

This is a testing kit for HIV this shows you if your positive or negative if you test positive you need to speak to doctor’s or nurses to help because these diseases can get bad and kill you if not treated. This is a part of the body infected with AIDS this is nasty I certainly don’t want this to happen to me.

This is oral thrush damaged by thrush on the tongue this person has aids and this is one of the symptoms of AIDS there are many more but there is treatment if you catch it early. There are tablets for HIV and AIDS but these are hard to treat because your immune system is already weak so your body may not be able to fight it even with tablets.

This is a testing kit for both HIV and AIDS this you can test for both which is great just go to a pharmacy and get a testing kit prescribed or pay for it.