Heart disease – Health in body


Heart disease is very bad if the heart gets damaged the brain don’t work because when heart stops it cant pump blood around the body. You cant breath then and the oxygen cant function propley and your brain will die the heart is the main artery. The first signs of a heart problem is irregular heart beat , chest pain , tight muscles and chest pressor or discomfort in the chest wall or heart.

This showing how infected this heart is on the back inside you can see a dyeing muscle if this happens you may experience a heart attack. You can also see in the artery tube there’s bad build ups of plaque and a blood clot forming this can damage the heart and the blood will start thinning and you can die of this. In the heart there is different tubes they make the blood go around the heart as its beating.

This man is having a heart attack he will have trouble breathing and the tissue is damage and the artery has a blockage inside of it so his heart is not fit to pump blood around the body. Like it used to you will need to call an ambulance to help with this but at this point all they will be able to do is put a oxygen mask on you because it effects the lungs as well and immune system.