Physical health – Mental health


Physical health is a mixture of things to drugs , alcohol , medical self care and other things like every day activities. Drugs can be used in different ways for taking because of depression , relief or taking them in gangs or just if you want one. There are drug forms in pill or sniff. Alcohol if you took this could do damage to your brain like it can make you drunk and make you fit or you wont know where you are then that might lead you into getting lost or break out into fights. Self medicate is by taking your medication to make you feel better.

Physical as well can be a form of exercise and fitness there are much more physical uses and terms to research or learn though out life. Stress I would say is most peoples problems this can acre if argument has brock out or lost someone or something. Or work related like constantly working on the computer all day at work. Physical health can also be based on sexual health in people because women are having children every day with choice but also they go and see people on how they can manage sexual life.

Alcohol is a big life changer because it can damage your organs and liver and will kill you faster. This aint right for people to drink because the effect that it does to peoples mind is bad it can bring nausea , head ache , confusion and much more and disease making your body a threat.