How dangerous is alcohol?


Alcohol is sold all-over the county alcohol intakes are very high and really dangerous someone drank lots and there heart was beating out the wall of the chest because the heart was under stress. To much alcohol in any situation can be luteal if you drink to much the alcohol can in toxic ate people so they don’t speak right or move they tend to relie on other people to help them get better or get around.

This you can see a women that looks stressed and has depression this is really bad because she is damaging her body if liver gets damaged she wont be able to go toilet and lose apatite and get fatigue.

This shows the liver in terrible damage first stage to last stage. Stage 1 is healthy and stage 4 is bad and looks rotten. The amount of alcohol that you should be drink legally is only a tiny amount if at celebration or party’s. Glasses or cups should be small and not recommended for under 18s just over plus ID. People that drink to much die within a year to next year depending how much toxins are in the body. The is also fatty liver disease and liver fibrosis. This is stage 2,3 in the middle of the chart.