Why we need to have good hygiene?


We stay in good hygiene to prevent infections from happening we do this by taking regular baths and showers and if we cut are self we need to clean it and bandage it  so it wont get infected. Like if we don’t brush are teeth it causes cavity’s and plack build up and tooth loss we need to make sure we brush because someone actually died of infection in the mouth and it was deadly.

Here this person is washing there hands this is killing germs and making sure that there is no infection present. To be in good hygiene this is important because there’s many different bacterial infections that can spread though cuts like this man that had a cut on his leg and fell into a botanical river and it killed him the infection because it went into the cut. You must also have hygiene for work or or interviews.

This person is hygienic because she’s clean and she’s propley at a zoom meeting so she looks professional and she’s smartly dressed without looking dirty. If people look dirty and don’t look professional they wont get the job. Most things that people do these days is wash regularly or wash there hands or use hand sanitiser.

Poor standards of hygiene means that the disease spreads fast.  To prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, everyone should understand the basics of good  hygiene.