What to do if you get sun burn and is it dangerous?


If you go outside when its a nice day like in the summer holidays and you don’t put sun cream on it can cause skin cancer or a serious burn that will end you up in A@E and progress to overheating , skin infections or death. The sun is a burning ball of light in the sky which is letting of UVB light that hits the skin it is very hot and if it gets on your skin it can make also blisters that pop. And UVA is a burn sunbeds and can give you your full body a bad burn.


This is a diagram of how a sunburn takes place on the skin this a picture that’s also layblud telling us were areas are under the layers of the skin its telling us that UVA is going right down nearly to the fat this is just a burn but UVB causes cancer and blisters with yellow drainage coming out of it after a while of the burn.

This is blisters from a 47 year old women that has blisters that are filled with liquid nitrogen because they need to be removed from the skin before it turns into cancer this is caused by solar keratoses staying out in the sun for to long. They freeze the blisters and these show they need to be checked up by a doctor every week to see if they go down the liquid nitrogen freezes the blisters and kills the tissue as well.