What is paralysis?


Paralysis is a deformative of the spinal cord it is dangerous if you damage nerves or break you spine because you wont be able to move. If this happens you need to call an ambulance to check you over and speak for information off 111. Paralysis is when you cant move your body and hands or feet you are paralysed from the neck down or from your legs mostly for accourances.

This shows the anatomy of the spinal cord it shows you were the nerves are and were the breaks can happen in the body. If one part is damaged you cant regain movement in that area. After an injury if your lucky you will need to exercise to gain movement in your part that you have lost you movement in. The brain controls everything but if spinal cord goes it cuts the brain waves off so you cant move.

You can practice movement at the gym with your trainee that will help you regain strength they can also regain strength by squishing stress balls to help muscles in arms go back to normal. Legs you can exercise from rubbing legs on top and stretching them by sitting and bending your legs.

This is stimulating muscles in a hospital for this man that has lost movement in his legs the hoist is helping him out.