Why we need to rest our eyes constantly from computers?


We need to rest are eyes from the computers because if we don’t we can get epilepsy like me I should have come off the computer that’s how mine happened you can also get eye strain and eye problems which Leeds to glasses. From computers we need to give at least hour breaks to allow peoples eyes to get back to normal.

This is the anatomy of the human eye were it gets effected is normally the pupil were you can see out of or the inside the optic nerve. Glasses help us to see we go and have certain eye tests and some people discover they need glasses or you don’t need them. The image in the eye is flipped because of fovea and the optic nerve.

Eye strain is the worst and blindness specially in young people because you cant see anything and you cant do much. Apparently they have made contact lenses that are 3million in pounds for company business there amazing because the lence is like a canon camera lence that you insert into your eye and the women that had them in apparently seen colours and stuff for the first time.

But this is a different cyber contact lence to make you see in the world.

These have got tiny fragments of metal that goes around the eyes and clearly helps you see.