Why is it important to work and earn money?


We earn a living by growing as a child and then secondary school and then progressing to collage then work. Some people rather progress to university and wasting £9.000 pound on it but I don’t see the point and I just really found a course that was free and that’s how I got the job of being a journalist for newspapers. Earning money is good because you can save money an earn a living and get married and care for family.

You can pay the bills and tax’s out of work credit and other needs that you need like dental care and shopping and clothing. If your earning at least your clean and not living on the street and you are paying rent I don’t know how people go on the streets. You need to work to help mind and body do its job this can also gives your body oxygen and creates healthy mind. But to many hours without break or hard work you can break down or have anxiety issues.

You will feel like this and propley pass out because of long working hours. Night shift and though the day he worked in a hospital as a nursing person. This person needs breaks don’t everyone.