Why are prostatic limbs good to help us?


Limbs are good because you can put them on when you have a serious accident and lose a part of the body. Prostatic limbs you can get from hospitals prescribed by doctor’s or GPs they are made of either plastic or with metal. They now have limbs that are robotic so they move with your nerve system. I am not sure how they do this but its not impossible to do they have figured how to make these.

This women had a bad accident she apparently had to pay for hers they are expensive pieces of equipment because there built with high Tec equipment that costs thousands for each make. There are prostatic limbs for animals as well that help them with walking again.

This is helping a cat because it has lost feeling in the legs but the nerves in the other parts of the body propley fitted with a chip or something to help move them. Or the pet just moves them grandly itself. Prostatic limbs come in hands , arms , legs and other parts of the body you cant work yourself some limbs have a wristband that detects nerves inside the wrist for instance.

This is a prostatic arm with wrist band the thumb of the technology is connected with two orange wires these detect and help the part of the body to move.