Why are plants and trees helping us?


Trees and plants give us oxygen but resources in life like bees pollinate flowers and make honey in hives for us. Oxygen comes from trees mainly that’s why there’s a lot of them if there was no trees we would all die basically. Plants or any botanical is called photosynthesis they grow to help animals thrive and humans to pick to make medicines and herbal remedies.

This is a grape tree that provides people with fruit there are many of these plants and trees that provide food for people to eat which is really good and animals. Medicines coming from trees can be grinded down into powders , made into medicine and tablets they used to use and now a mortar.

There is wood , stone and clay. These will have weeds or things from certain plants on the ground or spices to be grinded with oils then preserved in jars or storage facilities. Trees my just give us oxygen but can also give paper , oils , toxins and resins and much more to make stuff or use like pencil.

Everyone uses these everyday because there useful for writing and drawing but these are not edible because pencils have toxins in and as well lead that can kill you lead is made of graphite.