Robberies – how to prevent them from happening?


Robberies happen nearly every single day the houses store security cameras on buildings and on the sides of there properties to stop thieves entering the house and robin goods. You can prevent robberies from happening by safely lock all doors and windows and leave one light on. The alarms will detect movement or if you had a dog they will bark or even attack the victim trying to rob and if they are getting away.

This sometimes happens and you don’t know what to do in this situation because his going to shoot you either neal with hands in front of you or hide and phone the police and they will be there to sort it out. 911 is the emergency line to call because no one would want this to happen to them.

Security alarms are on buildings and there useful for making loud noises to stop criminal affiance from happening an alarm system you can get from visiting a store which sales alarms and will fit them you can also install CCTV cameras in you can get hidden ones , cameras and round cameras stuck to the walls.

The CCTV cameras and alarm systems are built in this is what they look like.

This is an alarm system the camera looks like this it is very different to this system because it don’t make noise and you can see what’s going on off the computer screen. But people robbing don’t sometimes realise that there being watched.