How to cope with Depression?


When you  have got depression

When you  have got depression you should stay in touch don’t withdraw from life, Socializing can improve your mood these are keeping in touch with your friends and family you will have someone that you can talk to even if its someone that you really trust and you get along with them a lot this could be someone such as your Sister, Brother, Brother in Law, Auntie, Nephew having these family members you have someone to talk to when you feeling down or low or stressed.

Be More Active

You have to be Active this means that depression helps you to go out and exercise you can go to the gym or a walk with your family or friends or if you have got a dog you can go for a walk in the park or a walk around your neighbourhood.


Don’t be Afraid 

You shouldn’t be afraid of the things that you find difficult in life when people feel low or anxious they sometimes avoid talking to other people or family, some people can stop travelling or stop driving so its very important that you get in the mood to go out even if you don’t want to go out you can tidy your house that will keep you busy in the house, Tiding your house will keep your mind of certain things in your life and you will feel happier in yourself and also  eating  something will make you feel better as well such as eating a healthy diet.