We cook every day because it is important we eat after if we have work or had along day somewhere because if we don’t eat after are body’s will get weak and we die and get really thin. We cook different meals almost everyday depends who you are if you want the same everyday day your choice. There are healthy meals and fatty meals that make you fat and diabetic cooking you can make or cook what’s in the frizzier or preserved or premade.

This is a omelette you can make this at breakfast like I do or dinner time they are packed with protein that help the immune system. Eggs can be made everyday by chickens they eat a lot and then lay the eggs then we eat them. Food in frizzier bags you can either fry or do in the oven you can also get tined food which you do in microwaves. Example this is everyday oven food.

This is mac and cheese this is not in a bag you can make it from scratch here’s the ingredient’s to this recipe to cook it.

recipe ingredients to mc and cheese:

. Cheese        .oven

. milk            .salt

. eggs

. pasta

You can create this recipe by following the instructions in a book or in a guide book that shows different recipes to cook you can get these from any websites that sells these or get them from cookery shops or bakery’s.