Why are injections sometimes giving us allergic reactions?


Injections these days some are giving reactions that are dangerous or very minor the allergic reactions can be anything from sweating to being sick. There are injections for cosmetics , muscle problems and other like giving for pain. To treat allergic reactions from anything you need to see GP or A@E services to get a shot that you can get to relive swelling and pain.

This is an injection to give someone relief from allergies for instance peanut allergy. This is to help situations. The injections for covid are giving us reactions and people are 50/50 about having it. Like there being sick and having like covid flu symptom’s and feeling dizzy this aint good they need to be sure it works and you cant force people to have it. You can come out in red blochs were the injection went in that’s why after people for what ever injection stays in the doctors for a bit.

This man is showing a allergic reaction to injection that he had sometimes you can feel like this and down like you don’t want to do much. Just get advice from 111 or chemist or doctors appointment.