When scratch’s come infected why are they dangerous and eye infections?


When scratch’s become infected they can get an infection which will spread though out the body and can kill you if not treated propley. You need to see a doctor if you see yellow or any discolouration. If this accour you need cream or antibiotics or medicines. If an animal like a pet dog licks you , you can get infected by Bactria and get hospitalised because it might be harmful.

This is clearly a nasty infection I don’t know why people let skin infections go this bad its really bad I normally wash the cut and put cream and a bandage or plaster on. Apparently this meant to be a bruise but its weird because I haven’t seen one like this before in my life. Bruises look like this purply blue in colour.

Scratch’s however are made by an incision in the part of the body you can injure yourself in different ways. They can be painful or they can bleed really bad way like if you hit a blood visual you can bleed t death that’s what some people have witnessed.

This is a blood visual that has popped in the eye and it is dangerous because you can lose your vision in your eyes or eye you need to see someone in the eye hospital to look at your eye. Propley they will get you in surgery or eye drops.