Why smoking can cause cancer?


Smoking can cause different types of cancers in the body for lungs and throught. These types of cancers can be fatal and can kill you the neck cancer for instance can block your neck up and kill you like this. Lungs however they can you by blocking up and cancer will form inside and you will get a build up of mucus inside them. This causes you to cough a lot of blood up and you can end up in hospital.

This you can see a cancerous lump has formed inside the neck this harms the person who’s ever got this. The cigerates that people smoke have an effect on people around you and yourself in cigerates there are dangerous substances like tar and other nasty substances like candle wax.

All these can kill you because really you are smoking death people need to think about smoking these substances because of chemical reactions in the body all these apart from vinegar shouldn’t be inside your body. There is a safer way of smoking without all toxic substances its a vaping pen.

Cancer from smoking you cant really treat because if in lungs the cancer is trapped and you cant really have surgery in that area because its risky. Also neck surgery is risky as well because you need to be careful not to hit any arteries. The neck is full of muscles as well it really difficult to remove cancer so be careful not to do any smoking like this or you can harm your body in many ways not just neck or lungs.