How does yoga do good in everyday life?


Yoga is a sport to calm your mood and to do it for fun with friends and family you can do this in your free time and athletes can do this to stretch muscles and help there legs and arms act better if training. In yoga you have a mat that you train on and you do stretch’s on but you can also do it off a mat its your choice.

This women is doing yoga on the beach somewhere quite and there’s no one around any were at all. She is relaxed and calm when she does this but also it gives you a good mind set to carry on with life. This type of sport some people are saying that it is spiritual activity because you can put your self into different positions.

Yoga is a spiritual art people light sentied candles and other items so people can relax while doing this sport as well. Sentied candles are different in smelling because they can smell of flowers for example or sweets.

These are examples of candles that you can see by a yoga mat you can get these in everyday spas and bath houses. Different smells create and makes different emotions though you.