Why do we play sports?


We play sports to make are heart pump more and to not be lazy when your in the house or when at work. Sports you can find here is different ones ball games , gymnasium machines and others. Gym is exercise this is healthy for you if you didn’t get up for a long time but as well you can stretch your legs and muscles. We take deep breaths because it helps your mental state as well and it puts you into a calm mood.

Playing sports is the main every day exercise people sometimes also take tablets inside a jar to help them accive body mass. People that play sports on a daily basis can get joint pain and fatigue after for instance a long run though the park. Sports can be exciting and you can also do it to keep your mind off any worrying troubles that may accour in life and you just want to forget about them.

There is also as you can see there is another type of sport and that is equestrian this is used by sitting on a horse and riding it there are over 30 horses on the race track and sometimes the jockey and horse fall down and have a major accident. Sometimes the houses may die this is the grand national the Olympic version has one horse going around the track jumping fences this is called show jumping.